Statham Little


Scrapbook 2014-2015


ASC fri 17oct2014 004
ASC fri 17oct2014 002
ASC fri 17oct2014 006 ASC fri 17oct2014 007 ASC fri 17oct2014 008

Making delicious raisin flapjacks.

ASC fri 17oct2014 005

Nell and Ewan build a castle out of cardboard

Measuring out the ingredients

Eating noodles- with chopsticks!

ASC fri 17oct2014 003

Reception and Yr 1 children using matchsticks and tubes to create an autumn display

ASC fri 17oct2014 001 ASC fri 17oct2014 009 ASC fri 17oct2014

Baked potatoes and beans for snack.




Our Yr 6 boys

ASC fri 14nov2014 048 ASC fri 14nov2014 052 ASC fri 14nov2014 034 ASC fri 14nov2014 015 ASC fri 14nov2014 033 ASC fri 14nov2014 055

November. When Stockton Heath 'B' watch fire service came to visit



IMG_0239 IMG_0218 IMG_0235

Danwei helping to celebrate Chinese New Year (the year of the Ram)


IMG_0794 IMG_0783 IMG_0785 IMG_0788 IMG_0789 IMG_0848 IMG_0815 IMG_0811 IMG_0808 IMG_0795 IMG_0793 IMG_0790 IMG_0789 IMG_0534 IMG_0681 IMG_0589 IMG_0850

March 2015

Making biscuits for Mother's Day

Designing the Spring wall display

Gabby creating an eggbox caterpillar

April/May 2015

Picnic under the gazebo at snack time!

ASC enjoying the sun

Geraldine's Milk the Cow game!

Cupcake baking for May Day

The children find a mini beast on the climbing apparatus- what is it?

The fairy garden...

Building the igloo