Statham Little


ASC  13 003

Scrapbook! 2012-2013

Left: Summer term: torch bearers with the hallowed Olympic flame

May 2012 Art in the Garden


Summer term 2012

On the poduim with the Key Stage 1 and 2 mini-Olympians


minio olymp summerpud girlsaitg flame

Summer 2012: Making summer fruits pudding!

cecigarden garden hallowe fireworks

Summer 2012: Little Foxes garden

Hallowe'en biscuits 2012

Fireworks pictures November 2012

ps boys blocks ps xmas xmas ps angels xmasangel

Christmas at Little Foxes

luke diddy jacob boysblcoks robot

January 2013

chinese dancing dihair rickhair

February 2013

Chinese New Year: the restaurant is open!

Above right and below: the children (and staff) preparing

for the Valentine's disco

ps 55

May 2013

Below: the children have fun during a

project all about music 

ps 8


A visit from Sarah Shepherd playing the clarinet and violin

ps 27 ps 22 ps 72 ASC Summer Term 13 010


Mr Moore, Deputy Head at Statham Primary,

pays the children a visit to play his guitar

ASC Summer Term 13 021 ASC Summer Term 13 023

Below and below left:

Jung brings in an ancient Chinese instrument-

the Gugin.

PS Summer Term 13 018 ASC Summer Term 13 001

Below: June 2013

the after-school children help paint wooden


Above: at ASC, Bry on the bongos


Heidi the dentist visits the children and shows

them a giant set of teeth!!!


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